Who we are

SIG Offsite is a division of SIG plc, the leading provider of specialist building products in the UK and Europe.

At SIG Offsite we have created a process that can assist the traditional methods used in construction without losing the SIG standard of quality.

We are an award-winning provider of offsite products and services to the construction sector. SIG Offsite not only manufacture high quality homes and other structures under controlled factory environments ready to install on site, we also produce a wide range of manufactured components for the construction industry.

This means that our clients can decide at what level they want to engage, it could be a utility cupboard or a finished roof system, right through to a complete building.

The solutions we offer are not only completed to the highest quality and exact project specifications, but because they are built in a controlled environment, disruption, waste and post-project remedial costs are reduced.

We believe in working smarter, not harder. Which is why we are dedicated to constantly finding new solutions that can be easily incorporated into your current business model and put you at the forefront of your competitors.

Quicker buildQuicker build

Cost certaintyCost certainty

Increase quality controlIncrease quality control

Improve onsite health and safetyImprove onsite health and safety

Reduce impact of site conditionsReduce impact of site conditions