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Well known for leveraging fast track construction techniques in innovative apartment developments, when Urban Splash looked to apply this approach to a 44 unit housing development in New Islington, Manchester, the developer wanted to find a partner who could support its ambition to manufacture the complete project offsite – including all fixtures and fittings. Having confidence in the strength and capabilities of SIG, Urban Splash partnered with SIG Offsite to create a ‘plug and play’ model which saw the capabilities of offsite construction tested to the limits yet succeeded in delivering a new housing estate which is already fully occupied.

Looking to maximise the benefits of offsite construction, variation across the external appearances of the housing units was removed as part of the initial design phase. SIG Offsite then considered the practicalities of transport, which resulted in the two and three storey houses being divided into ‘modules’ – with each module representing one storey.

Manufactured at SIG Offsite’ site in the Midlands, the fully fitted modules complete with bathrooms, kitchens and even curtains, were then expertly moved on low loaders to the site in Manchester.

In total, the New Islington development took approximately seven weeks to manufacture and just one week to construct on-site.

As with all of the systems offered by SIG Offsite, the houses benefitted from excellent thermal performance and low air tightness. From a practical perspective, this removed the need for gas utilities as low level electric heating was sufficient – further simplifying the ‘plug and play’ model which Urban Splash had specified.

Addressing sustainability standards, the development used low flow water fittings, a mechanical ventilated heat recovery system and no renewables, collectively resulting in low running costs for the occupants.

Commercially, BOPAS accreditation, including BLP warranty with regards to maintenance and durability, was a major advantage of partnering with SIG Offsite. The benefit of this is best evidenced by the development selling out ahead of its launch with the residents coming from a range of first time buyers on the help to buy scheme, young people upsizing as well as older people downsizing.

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