Complete Build

At SIG Offsite we deliver outstanding new buildings, completed to the highest quality, faster, more efficiently and more effectively than a traditional build.

We have taken the fundamental tried and tested principles of construction and put them into a controlled factory environment that allows us to build, deliver and fit a house in a total of 28 days.

This means that in just a matter of months we could finish a street full of new houses, block of apartments or new hospital ward.

We work alongside clients to create design concepts and produce virtual reality outputs and 3D models, so each element of your new residential or commercial development can be configured as required, both internally and externally.

As well as this we can assist with programme scheduling and project time lines.

  • Effectively insulated building to reduce on-going energy costs
  • Faster financial return on investment
  • Improved dimensional accuracy for an engineered product
  • Minimum 60-minute fire rating
  • Typically exceeds all current Building Regulations

Our solutions don’t just reduce cost, build times and health and safety risks, they also reduce the environmental impact that construction causes.

That’s why our factory built properties use timber framed systems. The use of timber frames not only means we are using the lowest embodied CO2 of any commercially available construction material, but one that is efficiently insulated, costs less to heat and comes with a minimum 60-minute fire rating.